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So why does X-Files fandom need more Mulder/Krycek lists, anyway?

Any community that's been around for awhile will tend to accumulate a backlog of issues, personality conflicts, internal politics and so forth - all of which can prove hazardous to the unwary newcomer. This is not an indictment of any list; this is simply a fact. By creating new lists for M/K-related conversation and fiction, I've established a space free of those long-standing issues - a fresh start, so to speak, for anyone who wishes to join.

It is my goal and our sincerest hope that these new lists will remain free from the sort of politics and agendas that often undermine communities. Human nature being what it is ... this may not be possible. However, I aim to try.

Nice objective. So how do you intend to get there?

The first and most important rule is that these lists are intended to be a hassle-free zone. This means that there should be no rumors, gossip or innuendo about other lists, other websites, other people, other anything. 

Wait a minute. That sounds like censorship to me.

No, not at all. It's the equivalent of not permitting people to shout "Fire!" in a crowded theater.

So does that mean that any time a conversation gets heated, it'll be stopped?

No! Intense, meaningful conversations can be enlightening, enriching and entertaining. 

And who decides whether something's an intense conversation or a flame?

The listmom decides. However, if it begins to seem as if the listmom's not being completely fair and impartial, or that she's overreacting or underreacting, then we'll go off to one side and talk it all out until things can be resolved for the good of the list. That's a promise.

Okay, so aside from the 'hassle-free zone' thing, what other rules are there?

Not a whole lot as of yet, but here's what's been established so far. Of course, wherever there are rules, there will always be exceptions - and all listmembers are encouraged to contact the listmom via the contact form to ask for clarification or exceptions as needed.

As stated above, the mk-slash lists are a hassle-free zone. Rumors, gossip, innuendo and so forth must be kept off-list. 
Everyone posts for her or himself. Nobody forwards posts for anyone else for any reason. This includes virus warnings, petitions against atrocities in Lower Cucamonga, announcements of website updates, or stories posted on behalf of authors not subbed to the list. Got something so vitally important that the world will just come to an end if you don't forward it to the list? Write and ask for permission first. 
The mk-fic list is for fiction only. The mk-talk list is for all other conversation.  The only exception to the fiction-only rule on mk-fic is for announcements by the listmom. To subscribe to one of the lists, check out the subscription page.
All stories posted to mk-fic are eligible to be archived on this website.  Please note, though, that eligible does not mean mandatory or automatic. If you want your fiction archived at this site, you'll need to indicate at the top of your story when you post to the list: "Please archive at mk-fic." 
As this list deals with adult subject matter, it goes without saying that you must be of legal age in your local jurisdiction to participate.

Okay, I'm interested. How do I join the lists?

Thought you'd never ask. Fill out the appropriate form on the Subscribe page. 



No pepperoni. No mushrooms. Definitely no anchovies. Just Mulder/Krycek.

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